Building camaraderie among employees is important for many organizations seeking to have a vibrant workplace. The relationship between employees is built over time and may require some sort of boost for it to succeed. Most times, organizations spend money on training and workshops to build the camaraderie between their workers but are not always successful. As an alternative, companies can turn to escape rooms for team building because of its unique combination of fun and tasks that strengthen the workplace bond. Here are some benefits you can experience by signing up your staff for an hour at an escape room gaming facility.

Team building

The strength of any company lies in the teamwork of its staff at different levels. It is therefore important that they are able to work together across the board. Spending time together in an escape room strengthens teamwork by ensuring that they work together to solve puzzles. Finding and solving clues require regular communication to make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, working under pressure reveals the true character and abilities of individuals that can be harnessed by the company.

Increased morale

Planning a day out of the office or even a few hours for your employees is almost always appreciated. Most employees feel valued and respond by investing their time in making the company more successful. It even works better when the activity selected is as fun as an escape room. These gaming spaces can hold a large number of people making it possible for the whole team to be involved in the challenge. And when your employees succeed as a team here, it is likely that they will chase the same outcome back at the office.

Manifestation of soft skills

Each person’s soft skills, or lack thereof, can easily be identified in an escape room. As they have fun and focus on finishing the tasks at hand, be on the lookout for those that demonstrate skills such as leadership, patience, and so forth. Most of the games require a person to take charge at one point or another to help the team unlock doors, solve puzzles and even find hidden clues. If you have new employees on the team, you can easily categorize them as doers or analysts from their contribution in the game and assign them tasks relevant to their skills.

Improved interaction

It is common to find employees that do not interact regularly, especially if it is a large company. The easiest way to encourage interaction is by placing them in an escape room together where they need to communicate regularly if they are to get out in good time. The closeness in the room is likely to lead to better work relationships and friendships among staff for the benefit of the company. Most times, the good relations will continue even at the office resulting in better collaborations.
Generally, setting aside time for your employees to have fun especially through the use of escape rooms is mutually beneficial. The above outcomes will create a more productive and progressive team for your business
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