Team Building the Modern Way!

Almost everyone has been involved with a type of team building at some point in their lives.  There are many kinds designed to instill trust in your colleagues, get coworkers to feel comfortable with each other, and others where you learn to let go and rely on others.

In reality, after these events are over and the team building environment is out of sight, the effects and goals of the exercises are lost.  Often times it’s because there was no real tangible goal.  Others, the activity doesn’t come close to achieving the goal because it was the wrong activity for the group.

Don’t let this discourage you however as team building exercises can be huge successes given a well-defined plan and an achievable goal.

Enter the escape room team building exercise!

One of the reasons an escape room team building exercise can be so rewarding is that the managers don’t have to plan anything other than getting their group to the facility.  This makes is much easier as the responsibility of the event is handed over to the escape room personnel.  With the load off their backs, the managers can then interact and learn from the exercise as intended.

Escape room games expose the players’ traits throughout the game play.  As the challenges evolve, the puzzles can change, leading different players to react differently to what is presented.  Some players are great with hands-on activities while others are better at solving simple and sophisticated puzzles.

Leaders are found easily while watching an escape room game in play.  They tend to stand out as they direct activities from logging and tracking elements found in the room to directing work locations and applying solutions.  These quarterbacks literally can lead a team to a successful escape!

Looking for a new manager?

When you promote someone to a new position you want to know that they are not only capable of performing the job, but also that they are capable of interacting with the employees around them.  Put your prospects into an escape room and see how they deal with the problems that present themselves.  You may find that they take charge and delegate properly and your confidence in selecting them as your final candidate will rise.  You may also find that their future staff members don’t respect their authority and relegate your candidate to the status of “also-ran” which could potentially doom their rise in stature.

How about a new team player?

Seeing how your candidates interact with their future team members is crucial to ensuring that the team will remain whole and will continue to function properly moving forward.  If your prospects can’t work together in a fun environment with a little pressure added by way of the countdown timer, they may fail miserably when it’s crunch time at the office.

Conflicts between team members?

Any conflict is a roadblock to office efficiency and needs to be rectified immediately.  They can be difficult to manage as you have to pull the offending team members into your office one by one to try to address the issues.  This can cause dissension in the ranks, rumors can and will abound outside of your closed doors, and the end effect is that nothing gets fixed.  Task your team to accomplish a goal together and your other team members will make sure that everyone works together.  Bickering will not be tolerated by the whole group when something is at stake that involves them.

Want to improve communications?

Putting your team into a situation where they have to work together and share ideas – some good and some bad – will force them to communicate!  The difficulty of the escape room will make sure everyone interacts otherwise they’ll fail and run out of time.

Need to boost your team’s confidence?

Your team works together every day, but not always toward the same goal.  This can lead to morale deficiencies between coworkers as some reach milestones that others can’t reach be it because of job types and titles or the projects on which they work.  Give your team the same goal and task them to complete it together.  Remind them that regardless of work functions and duties, they are a team and every one of them are valuable to your organization.

Escape room team building can be very effective across a number of criteria; the activities are fun, the players must work together and communicate, and the sense of accomplishment when a team escapes brings with it a new sense of camaraderie unlike traditional trust style team building events.

Let’s do some Team Building!

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