Sara’s Got a Secret

Difficulty 8/10
Escape Rate 13%
Mature Kids Only! 10%

Players: 2-10

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Sara’s had a rough go of it.  Her family was murdered by her twin sister Samantha and she’s being forced from her home to live with her Aunt and Uncle.

Under the constant observation of psychologists and psychiatrists, the pressure is starting to break poor Sara.

While she’s at one of her sessions, you and your team from Child Protective Services has been sent to audit her home life and make sure she’s ready for her move so Sara can get back on her feet and back to a normal childhood.  Is she ready to go? You and your team will have to make that decision on your own!

Current Record Holders


* Time in minutes

This team came in, called the record before stepping into the game, and backed it up with the win.  They only used a single clue to do it.  Wow, nicely played guys – it was a pleasure watching you work!

Think you can hold it together with Sara lurking around every corner?  Can you keep calm while the clock runs down and the adrenaline heightens?  Maybe… Or maybe you’ll meet Sara face to face.  This team eluded her grasp, how about you?

Think you have what it takes to beat them?

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This is by far the best escape room in South Florida..If you love escape rooms you will love this place…The manager was great..amazing experience!
Brian P., via Facebook
Great experience, and a really well thought out puzzle room experience!
Yuri Zygala, via Facebook
This is a really clever creative and fresh concept and made for a heck of a fun event after dinner. I took my wife and my daughter and a friend and we threw ourselves into the challenge full boat. The puzzles are challenging and the concepts intriguing and the execution Is strong. The clock never stopped ticking down and you absolutely feel the pressure to solve all the puzzles and escape before the time runs out. Would definitely recommend folks try this out.
Stuart K., via Yelp
After having previously completed four escape rooms, I can officially say I’ve been hooked and can also say that Try-N-Escape was one of my favorites. The scenery in “Hang ‘Em High” was terrific, the clues were intricate and hard to figure out, and we were able to escape with 10 seconds left! I’m extremely excited for the next room to open in just a few weeks, and have heard that there will be four rooms total. I can’t wait to try them all. When people ask for something fun and different to do, I’ll definitely recommend Try-N-Escape.
jacobsol1, via TripAdvisor
If you’ve never done an escape room, you have to!!! It’s such a rush!!! My friends and I had such a great time and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Jason ur the best!!!
Anne Guderian, via Google+
We came in half an hour late but the guy still let us in. Staff was friendly, room provided a challenge(they aren’t kidding when they say it’s the hardest one around) but was not hard to the point where it stopped being fun. Out of all the escape rooms I’ve been to, this one was the most intuitive and clever. Would recommend.
Tzyy Hsu, via Facebook
My family and I came all the way from West Palm Beach and it was well worth the trip. This escape room is the best we’ve done yet. We highly recommend it. I’ll be back for Sara’s Got a Secret the minute it opens!
Terence A., via TripAdvisor
No words would do justice to explain how amazing of an escape room this was. A group of four of us did the Western style room, and absolutely LOVED it!!! The room was put together so well, and the owner is so friendly! I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone… You will Not be disappointed!
Kaley J., via Yelp
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