Virtual Reality – once considered to be a bizarre concept found only in sci-fi movies and still light years away, is now very much, well, a reality! Whatever your budget, you can find VR headsets that allow you to become a part of the game you are playing.  You can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game, in a way that has never been experienced before.   VR headsets allow you to choose from fully immersive games that put your right in the center of the action or mixed reality that uses your point of view to complete the game. The VR experience certainly works better with some games than others, and in the case of escape room gaming, VR certainly offers the full package.

Virtual Reality – The Ultimate Online Escape Room?

Based on the exceptionally popular and immensely entertaining format of real-life escape rooms, VR Escape room games are a way of joining in the fun, without leaving your sofa. Using a series of puzzles and hidden clues, the player must find their way out of the “room” within a certain amount of time.   Their success (or failure) is fully dependent on the use of their all-around analytical and observational skills. Of course, here at Try-N-Escape, we know that the very best way to experience the frenzied excitement that is the escape room experience is to join us in our first class Escape Rooms in Boca Raton.  But if you can’t be here, why not have a go on some of these VR escape room games instead.

Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

One for the adults, but not for the kids, this games ties in with the movie of the same name.  An escape room with a 15-minute timer, that you either manage to outwit or meet with an untimely ending. The timer creates a sense of urgency and makes for an escape room game that really gets your blood pumping.

Nevrosa: Prelude

Scary, but not jump scary, Nevrosa: Prelude adds the element of this-puzzle-could-actually-hurt-me to its escape room game. Definitely one for the grown-ups, this is a jump a minute escape room experience.


A single room escape experience with some difficult puzzles to get your way out of.  Straightforward but still heaps of fun.


As a test subject in a lab, you must solve puzzles that are strapped to your hands in order to escape.  A bit different, and more than a little bit stressful, this is a great way to make your way out of the lab, or face your doom.


A true puzzle-adventure type game, based on a single location, Conductor demands fewer resources and more brain power.

SVRVIVE – The Deus Helix

Alien-themed puzzles for solving puzzles at various alien locations to which you are teleported. Fast-paced and fascinating.

Fantastic Contraption

Full of hands-on physics puzzle games that make you feel like an inventor and pit crew member at the same time. Perfect for VR gamers of all ages.


An escape room game on a grand scale with puzzles throughout. You’re not trying to escape only a room, but an entire planet to find your way home.

I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a VR puzzle game that distills the whole secret-agent-caught-in-a-trap plot device and makes a really fun game out of it. We imagine that all of the games above are really great, but if you want to experience a real-life escape room, then come see us in Boca Raton.

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