I’ve been asked this question countless times since the doors opened here at Try-N-Escape: Where did the idea for an “escape room” come from?

Like the majority of owners out there, we didn’t invent the concept either.  I wish we had.  I’ve played the online escape room games for years, but was I smart enough to make the leap to a “live escape game?”  That would be a resounding no.  If only…

Many believe that because of the proliferation of escape rooms in Europe that the idea must have been created there.  Nope.  It was brought to you by that sunny little location in California responsible for so much of our beloved tech – Silicon Valley.

Back in 2006, a group of programmers got together and created the first escape room based on some Agatha Christie novels.  It was a hit and launched the current revolution you see unfolding today.  Just last year, there was a single escape room in Boca Raton.  Now there are more half a dozen and the growth doesn’t appear to be waning.

A lot of things separate the quality of an escape room against their competition, but I’ll save that for another post.  Let’s just be astronauts today and plant the flag once and for all – Escape rooms were created right here in the good ol’ USA.