Fully Immersive Escape Room Themes

Themes make the game!

Are your escape room themes confusing?

How many times have you done an escape room where you’ve wondered why a certain puzzle exists?  In one, you’re in a crime scene room and you find a laser gun.  In another, before you can open the prison cell, you have to perform an alien autopsy.  These things just don’t jive with one another!

Instead of coming up with a neat puzzle then forcing it into one of our escape rooms, we do it the other way around.  At Try-n-Escape, we design our rooms theme first then add our puzzles creating an overall flow for the players.  In our western room Hang ‘Em High for example, you won’t find any glow in the dark paint as it wasn’t invented until 1930!

When it comes to the difference between an average escape room experience and a great one, you have to look at the theme.  Invariably, every room tells a story; Sherlock Holmes, crime scenes, prison breaks, the list goes on and on.  What sets the bar from escape room to escape room however is the depth of the theme!

The theme decorations can make or break a great live escape game.

Just as video games have evolved into works of art, so have some escape rooms – though not all.

Take the following for example:

Which game would you rather play?  They’re both roughly the same game of Tennis if you think about it.  So why would you bother playing one over the other?  The answer is obvious of course – the theme.

Playing the Wii version over the Atari – though they are both similar – is more appealing because you actually begin to feel that you are on a tennis court.  You are immersed in the game by nature of the theme.

One of the problems in the escape room industry of late is that there has been a sort of gold rush mentality.  New escape rooms are popping up all over the place!  But what makes any room better than any other?

The game play is important but that’s something the player gets to deal with throughout the game as they play.  The most important thing is the theme.  You have to put the player “in” the story from the onset.  It’s what cements the experience out of the gate.

When choosing an escape room to play with your friends and family or when doing a team building event with your company, check out the reviews concerning the theme and decorations as well as the puzzle play.  Because in the end, would you rather be playing Pong or Wii?

Let’s do this – Book It!

Check out Hang ‘Em High, our 5 Star Rated western themed room.  Boca’s most challenging escape room for  2 to 10 players.

Now open! Sara’s Got a Secret.  This room has a much darker theme and is very challenging.

Coming in September, Monkey See.  Monkey See will be the toughest, most frustrating and exciting escape room Boca Raton has to offer.