You may think an escape room involves running around in a panic, stepping over your fellow adventurers as you fly feet first for the door, but actually, escape room gaming is more about utilizing your mental skills and ability than becoming an all action hero. We all know that exercising releases endorphins that make us feel great and that can, potentially, become a little bit addictive.  But, if escape rooms really are all about the awesome power of the mind, how comes we are all a little bit addicted to that too? Well, our brains generate some neurotransmitters which assist in the correspondence between the brain itself and between the rest of our nervous systems.  Solving puzzles significantly assist our brain in the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, when the brain responds to either minute or massive breakthroughs, by releasing dopamine. This neurotransmitter causes improved motoring skills, an increase in concentration power, optimism, confidence, and an enhanced recollection. So, all in all, solving puzzles makes us feel really rather good about ourselves. But it’s not just all about the neurotransmitters and clever stuff, escape rooms are also addictive because they are fun, sociable and rewarding.  Let’s break it down some more:

Escape Rooms Are Exciting

Puzzling your way out of a locked room, in a limited amount of time, with a team of friends or work colleagues is fun!  There are no two ways about it.  You arrive, not really sure what you have gotten yourself into, and leave feeling like you have conquered the world.  As adults, we very rarely get the opportunity to completely suspend belief and play “make-believe” games with our friends, which is a shame.  But we can when we visit an escape room and work together to find the solutions. Solving puzzles and finding secretly hidden plots is unexpected, exciting and incredibly rewarding.

Escape Rooms Are Social Places

If you like solving problems like Soduko or crosswords, chances are that you usually do this on your own.  Even in the realms of online gaming, you may make virtual friends that you join games with, but you are still sat in a room on your own.  Like so many team building games before us, escape rooms give you the opportunity to work together to beat your opponent, or in this case the clock!  You can even hire the room for just you and yours to enjoy, so you totally get to spend time with people you like and want to save the world with.  That’s much better than sitting with a headset on at home.

Escape Rooms Are Great For Our Health And Happiness

Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise on so many levels.  You know sometimes if you are feeling blue, going for a walk can make you feel better?  Well, finding mental strength and clarity can lift your spirits and help you function better all over.  Mental agility is often forgotten but is vital for a healthy body and a happy soul.  You will get excited in the escape room, you may even get scared, but you will never get bored!  Boredom makes us sluggish, lazy and empathetic.  Our escape rooms offer an easy cure for all of those things, in a fun, friendly and exciting way. So, if you feel like you need to scratch the itch for adventure, come on down and see us and get your escape room fix today.

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