Not all adventures are created equal, and similarly, not all escape rooms are the same either.  Here at Try-n-Escape, we have worked long and hard to devise fun, exciting escape experiences to suit everyone who visits us. You don’t have to be a genius to break your way out of our escape rooms, but you do need to work together to solve puzzles and exercise your mental agility.  We’ve rated the difficulty of our escape rooms on the solvability of puzzles and the success rate the rooms have so far achieved. Also, we want everyone who visits us to have a great time – but we don’t want nightmares.  That is why we give all of our rooms an indication of age suitability as well as a difficulty rating. If you are thinking of coming to see us (and we totally think you should), here’s a rundown on our escape rooms and their current difficulty levels.

Hang ‘Em High

Having just pulled off the biggest heist in Texas State history, you and your posse need to cut loose. One problem though, half of your crew somehow managed to get themselves picked up by the local sheriff and are now stewing in the local jail. It’s up to you and your team to get inside the jail and bust out your buddies before the sheriff gets back in town.  Fail, and y’all will be facing the hang man’s noose! We designed this room to really challenge our visitors with intriguing puzzles and a fully immersive concept.  Definitely tricky, but not so hard that it stops being fun, you and your team will face intuitive and clever puzzles that need to be beaten in order for you to get your gang safely out of harm’s way. With an escape rate of 31%, and suitable for groups of 2-19 players, we believe that Hang ‘Em High is great for adults and mature kids to play.  Difficulty level 8/10

Sara’s Got A Secret

 Like a thriller with a psychological twist?  Then Sara and her secret might be just right for you. Poor old Sara has had a rough time of it.  After her family was murdered by her evil twin Samantha, she is forced to live with her Aunt and Uncle.  Constant observation by psychologists and psychiatrists is starting to break the poor girl. While she attends a therapy session, you and your team from Child Protective Services will need to audit her home to assess whether she is ready to get back on her feet and live a normal childhood.  No pressure then! Fast-paced and full of puzzles, can you and your team hold it together with Sara lurking around every corner? Highly interactive and impressive, you really do need to work as a team in this room to find the clues, solves the puzzles and get out of there before it all gets nasty. With an Escape Rate of only 13%, and suitable for groups of 2-19 players, we believe that Sara’s Got A Secret is probably best for adults only.  Difficulty level 8/10

Monkey See

Dangerous experiments?  Monkeys in charge?  Subterfuge and scientific facilities – oh yes, our newest escape room will offer all of this and more.  We are still working out the elements of this, our latest adventure, but we can promise you, it’s gonna be awesome. With a difficulty level right up there between a 9 and a 10, it will take the ultimate in teamwork and clever problem solving to set you free from this room. Our escape rooms are designed to be tactically challenging, but also heaps of fun.  Perfect for families, friends, work colleagues and other groups, and we look forward to welcoming you all soon.

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