Hang ’em High

You and your gang have just pulled off the biggest train robbery in Texas state history, but half of your gang got sloppy – they went to the local saloon and started throwing their new found wealth around. It was enough to get the attention of James Masterson, local Sheriff and gun fighting hero, who bagged your posse and has them in the clink!

Your job is to figure out how to get them out of their cell then join wits to figure out how to escape before the Sheriff gets back!

Difficulty 8/10
Escape Rate 32%
Kid Approved 100%
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Current Record Holders

  • Escape Room Boca
  • Escape Room Boca

Check out our record holders! This team was persistent and perceptive, quick and active throughout, and organized! Railing against pack mentality, they split tasks and used excellent teamwork to escape!


* Time in minutes

Think you have what it takes to beat them?

Escape into the Wild West and rescue your gang. Loaded with puzzles, this theme rich escape room will not disappoint!

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